Benefits of Tan Delta OCM

Any equipment operator/owner can realise significant, immediate and long term, cost reductions by integrating Tan Delta oil condition monitoring (OCM) into their equipment maintenance strategy. Our real time oil analysis and analytic sensors enable significant operating cost reductions through optimised maintenance scheduling and reduced breakdowns.

Dynamic Maintenance Optimisation (DMO™)

Every item of equipment has its own ‘personality’ which derives from multiple factors such as load factors, nuances in fuel and oil quality, environment, application etc.

The result is that time based maintenance schedules are always very conservative and based on a worst case scenario. The result is that equipment is usually maintained before really needed and thus far more frequently than needed.

Knowing the actual condition of each piece of equipment along with its unique maintenance personality means that you can determine exactly when equipment needs to be maintained. Tan Delta does exactly this. We tell you the maintenance status of your equipment and when it will need maintenance – crucially without risk because of our unique AFD™ continuous overwatch. Typically this results in a significant increase in the time between maintenance and thus a reduction in maintenance and associated costs.

Advanced Fault Detection (AFD™)

Pre-emptive maintenance before damage is always preferable to a costly unexpected breakdown and or catastrophic failure. Tan Delta detects the earliest signs of an issue and provides an alert before the issue has caused material damage.

This allows you to take appropriate action such as an immediate shut down if the potential issue is severe, or plan maintenance earlier than scheduled. The result is a reduction in breakdowns and associated costs such as parts and lost productivity

Extended Equipment Life

Better maintained equipment has a significantly longer productive life and this makes a significant difference to the overall profitability that any piece of equipment returns on your investment.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Optimising maintenance, reducing unnecessary breakdowns all result in significant reductions in the use of oil and parts. On oil use alone a Tan Delta customer will expect to see minimum 30% reduction in oil consumption. This is great for the environment and as this can be verified can make a significant and direct contribution towards your corporate environment goals.

Improved Efficiency

Deeper analysis of Tan Delta data can help you refine the setup and configuration of your equipment to achieve greater output with less power / fuel consumption. This is normally part of a wider initiative, however the quality and accuracy of Tan Delta real time oil condition data can have help in this goal.


We operate on a global scale with customers ranging from the largest engine manufacturers to small single equipment operators, from North America and Australia to Chile, India, Russia and Finland.

Over many years Tan Delta has developed deep experience and know-how in relation to the monitoring of all types of equipment using real time oil condition monitoring.

We develop all our core technologies and products inhouse, with manufacturing undertaken by our carefully selected manufacturing partners with whom our dedicated production QA department works. Customers enjoy a high level of support which covers everything from systems engineering to advising on mass scale rollout logistics. Our customers are therefore able to completely rely on both Tan Delta and our products.


  • Our solutions and the multiple benefits that they deliver are based upon the fundamental principle and fact that accurate and reliable information on the maintenance status and condition of equipment is embedded within the condition and characteristics of its oil. Therefore, if the true condition of oil can be reliably and accurately understood and interpreted, an equipment operator can understand, track and even predict the operating and maintenance status of equipment and make informed decisions.

  • Tan Delta sensor products are built around our proprietary FSH™ core technology which enables highly accurate and precise real time oil condition and equipment status analysis. It is the exceptional capabilities of this core technology that ultimately is our differentiator.

  • FSH™ is the name we give to our proprietary core technology. It is an anacronym for Full Spectrum Holistic. We named it FSH™ because it summaries the unique capabilities of the technology. It will detect any wear or contamination (provides a full spectrum of analysis) and because of that provides a total all-encompassing monitoring solution that misses nothing (provides a holistic monitoring solution).

  • FSH™ technology works by analysing the electro-chemical properties of oil in real time with absolute accuracy. These properties change as a direct result of factors such as general degradation through use, equipment wear or external and internal contamination. External contamination such as fuel, acid or water, or internal factors such as the early stages of mechanical failure which are typically characterised by presence of microscopic metallic elements appearing in the oil, or even earlier appearing as chemical changes to the oil. Therefore, being able to detect and analyse these changes provides a reliable and very accurate insight into the actual health and status of equipment.

  • FSH™ detects and analyses these electro-chemical changes to an accuracy of 0.01% and it is this exceptional accuracy and sensitivity that enables the different and specific patterns and characteristics of those changes to be precisely identified and their cause identified. This information is delivered continuously in real time, in any oil type in live operation on any application.

  • The accuracy of the FSH™ technology means we that all the small changes that characterise different failure modes such as contamination and or general wear, and the cause of those is detected and understood by Tan Delta. These are not picked up by other technologies and methods, leaving equipment exposed to unnecessary damage

  • This graph is taken from an OQSx-G2 sensor fitted to a gas engine and shows normal wear of oil as expected. The operator normally undertook maintenance on a time basis, every 300hours. However at that point, the sensor shows that maintenance is not needed and in fact a further 150hrs of safe operation is possible. Maintenance is then carried out just before 675TDN which is the optimal maintenance point for this engine (red line). The sensor shows that the maintenance was carried out by reverting to 900TDN and then continues to track the condition again. The yellow limit value is used to trigger a maintenance planning alert to the operator. The result is that this engine is now maintained twice every 900hours of operation instead of a three times – a 33% reduction in maintenance costs.

  • This graph is taken from an OQSx-G2 sensor fitted to a diesel engine and shows normal wear of oil as expected. However, the sensor detects an anomaly which is shown by a sudden change in the rate of change. The magnitude of the rate of change, and its characteristic means that this engine is determined to require immediate maintenance to avoid a breakdown and or major internal damage. In this specific case, the cause was identified as a failing bearing which was replaced avoiding a potential catastrophic failure.

Tan delta systems

Tan Delta Systems PLC provides products and systems which enable equipment operators to significantly reduce operating costs whilst simultaneously increasing productivity. The result is improved operating productivity and cash flow.

We understand how important optimal oil management is to the efficient operation of most equipment; and therefore the profitability of your business. Tan Delta oil condition monitoring uses advanced, patent protected, technology to tell you the exact condition of any oil to a high degree of accuracy in real time. This reliable and accurate information enables automatic notification and scheduling of optimal maintenance intervals based upon actual need. At the same time our system provides a highly effective and reliable early warning system for any unexpected issues which may lead to premature and or unexpected equipment wear and or failure.

Our solutions work with any oil type and are easy to fit to any equipment operating in any environment. Tan Delta oil quality monitoring is the choice of equipment operators around the world.

Tan delta systems

Tan Delta Systems PLC fournit des produits et systèmes qui permettent aux opérateurs de matériel de réduire sensiblement les coûts d'exploitation tout en augmentant la productivité. Le résultat est amélioré d'exploitation productivité et flux de trésorerie.

Nous comprenons l'importance huile optimal management est pour le bon fonctionnement de la plupart des appareils ; et donc la rentabilité de votre entreprise. Condition d'huile Tan Delta surveillance des utilisations avancées, brevets protégés, la technologie pour vous dire l'état exact de n'importe quelle huile à un degré élevé de précision en temps réel. Ces informations fiables et précises permettent la notification automatique et la programmation des intervalles d'entretien optimale basées sur les besoins réels. En même temps notre système fournit un système d'alerte rapide très efficace et fiable des problèmes inattendus qui peuvent conduire à une usure prématurée et ou imprévu équipement et ou l'échec.

Nos solutions fonctionnent avec n'importe quel type d'huile et sont faciles à s'adapter à n'importe quel matériel fonctionnant dans n'importe quel environnement. Surveillance de la qualité de la huile Tan Delta est le choix des conducteurs d'équipement dans le monde entier.

Tan delta systems

Tan Delta Systems PLC ofrece productos y sistemas que permiten a los operadores de equipos para reducir significativamente los costos de operación, mientras que simultáneamente aumenta la productividad. El resultado es una mejora de la productividad de operación y flujo de caja.

Entendemos lo importante que es la gestión óptima de aceite es para el buen funcionamiento de la mayoría de los equipos; y por lo tanto la rentabilidad de su negocio. Tan Delta condición del aceite de monitoreo utiliza una avanzada, protegidos por patentes, la tecnología que le diga la condición exacta de cualquier aceite con un alto grado de precisión en tiempo real. Esta información confiable y precisa permite la notificación automática y la programación de los intervalos de mantenimiento óptimas basadas en necesidades reales. Al mismo tiempo, nuestro sistema proporciona un sistema de alerta temprana altamente eficaz y fiable para cualquier problema inesperado que puede conducir a un desgaste prematuro y equipos o inesperado y o el fracaso.

Nuestras soluciones funcionan con cualquier tipo de aceite y son fáciles de adaptarse a cualquier equipo que funciona en cualquier entorno. Monitoreo de la calidad del aceite de Tan Delta es la elección de los operadores de equipos de todo el mundo

Tan delta systems

Tan Delta Systems PLC oferece produtos e sistemas que permitem que os operadores de equipamentos para reduzir significativamente os custos operacionais, enquanto simultaneamente aumentar a produtividade. O resultado é maior produtividade operacional e fluxo de caixa.

Nós entendemos o quão importante é a gestão de óleo ideal para o funcionamento eficiente da maioria dos equipamentos; e, portanto, a rentabilidade do seu negócio. Delta Tan monitoramento do estado do óleo usa avançado, protegido por patente, a tecnologia para dizer-lhe a condição exata de qualquer óleo a um alto grau de precisão em tempo real. Esta informação confiável e precisa permite notificação automática e programação de intervalos ideais de manutenção com base em necessidades reais. Ao mesmo tempo, o nosso sistema fornece um sistema de alerta precoce altamente eficaz e confiável para quaisquer problemas inesperados que podem levar a desgaste prematuro e equipamentos ou inesperado e ou fracasso.

Nossas soluções de trabalhar com qualquer tipo de óleo e são fáceis de ajustar a qualquer equipamento que opera em qualquer ambiente. Delta Tan monitoramento da qualidade do óleo é a escolha dos operadores de equipamentos de todo o mundo.

Tan delta systems

タンデルタシステムズ社では、オペレーションコストを大幅にカットすると同時に、生産性を向上させるシステムを提供しています。その結果、生産性の改善やキャッシュフローの大幅な改善を実現します。 当社ではオイルの最適な管理により、生産設備をもっとも有効に運用できることを理解しています。 タンデルタ製のオイルコンディションモニタリングは、特許取得ずみの最新技術を使用しており、リアルタイムかつ高精度で、オイルの種類を問わず正確なオイルの状態を把握できます。高い信頼性と精度をもったオイル状態に関する情報により、実際の必要性に基づいた最適なメンテナンス間隔の知らせやスケジュールを自動的に受け取ることができます。それと同時に、早過ぎたり予期しない設備の劣化や不具合につながるような事態を防ぐため、当社のシステムでは高い信頼性をもつ警告が出せるよう設計されています。 当社のソリューションはオイルの種類を問わず、どのような過酷な環境にある設備でも簡単に取り付けられます。タンデルタ製オイル品質モニタリングシステムはグローバルで選ばれています。

Tan delta systems

يوفر تان دلتا سيستمز ليمتد المنتجات والأنظمة التي تمكن مشغلي المعدات لخفض كبير في تكاليف التشغيل مع زيادة الإنتاجية في وقت واحد. تم تحسين الإنتاجية نتيجة التشغيل والتدفق النقدي.ونحن نفهم مدى أهمية إدارة النفط المثلى للكفاءة تشغيل معظم المعدات؛ وبالتالي فإن ربحية عملك. تان دلتا حالة النفط مراقبة يستخدم المتقدمة، وبراءات الاختراع المحمية والتكنولوجيا ان اقول لكم حالة بالضبط من أي زيت على درجة عالية من الدقة في الوقت الحقيقي. تمكن هذه المعلومات موثوقة ودقيقة الإخطار التلقائي وتحديد مواعيد فترات الصيانة المثلى على أساس الحاجة الفعلية. وفي الوقت نفسه يوفر نظامنا نظام إنذار مبكر فعالة للغاية ويمكن الاعتماد عليها لأي مشاكل غير متوقعة مما قد يؤدي إلى سابق لأوانه وغير متوقع أو ارتداء معدات وأو الفشل.حلولنا تعمل مع أي نوع النفط وسهلة لتناسب أي معدات تعمل في أي بيئة. تان دلتا مراقبة نوعية النفط هو اختيار مشغلي المعدات في جميع أنحاء العالم.

Tan delta systems

タンデルタシステムズ社では、オペレーションコストを大幅にカットすると同時に、生産性を向上させるシステムを提供しています。その結果、生産性の改善やキャッシュフローの大幅な改善を実現します。 当社ではオイルの最適な管理により、生産設備をもっとも有効に運用できることを理解しています。 タンデルタ製のオイルコンディションモニタリングは、特許取得ずみの最新技術を使用しており、リアルタイムかつ高精度で、オイルの種類を問わず正確なオイルの状態を把握できます。高い信頼性と精度をもったオイル状態に関する情報により、実際の必要性に基づいた最適なメンテナンス間隔の知らせやスケジュールを自動的に受け取ることができます。それと同時に、早過ぎたり予期しない設備の劣化や不具合につながるような事態を防ぐため、当社のシステムでは高い信頼性をもつ警告が出せるよう設計されています。 当社のソリューションはオイルの種類を問わず、どのような過酷な環境にある設備でも簡単に取り付けられます。タンデルタ製オイル品質モニタリングシステムはグローバルで選ばれています。

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