OIL Condition Monitoring

World leading inline, real time oil quality monitoring technologies and solutions

Extend Service Intervals
Equipment condition not time based servicing
Increase Productivity
Avoid costly and disruptive unplanned downtime
Quick Installation
Easy to deploy on any equipment and oil type
Extremely Accurate
Detect and measure all oil contamination and wear components


Reduce equipment operating costs by an average of 35%

Reduced Operating Costs
Average 50% cost reduction
Excellent ROI
Investment returned in less than 6 months
Reduced Downtime
Reduced servicing and failures
Environmentally friendly
Maximise oil life and reduce wastage


Reduced oil consumption, wastage and improved productivity

Unrivalled Accuracy
Instantly detects and reports all oil quality changes
Proven Technology
Proven performance for all oils and applications
Quality Engineering
Engineered and manufactured for extreme industrial environments
Holistic Approach
Real time detection of all key oil failure and wear modes


Easily installed on any equipment in any environment and any oil type

Simple Installation
For retrofit or on any new build
Small and Robust
Fully certified for harsh environments
Easy Deployment
Streamlined configuration and setup
Flexible Integration
Variety of industry standard protocols

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Reduce Maintenance Costs

Most equipment is serviced 30% to 50% earlier than required. Tan Delta oil monitoring enables zero risk extension of service intervals resulting in immediate cash operating cost reductions through reduced maintenance and oil usage. Long term savings include reduced equipment wear and breakdowns due to unexpected and undetected oil contamination.

Increase Equipment Productivity

Less equipment downtime directly equates to greater equipment productivity and revenues. In addition accurate oil quality tracking enables optimal future maintenance resource planning.

Reduced Equipment Failure

Tan Delta oil quality monitoring prevents undetected wear and associated problems which may result in unexpected and costly equipment failure. This equates to reduced equipment failures and longer life.


Thousands of customers already benefit from our products every day, read some of their success stories.


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Quick Info

Corporate presentation

Corporate presentation

Managing the engine oil quality ensures that it remains fit for purpose – eliminating waste and extending the life of the engine itself.

Delivering exceptional quality

Delivering exceptional quality

Our technology delivers oil quality monitoring characteristics unmatched by other sensors, employing mature patented techniques.

Benefits of oil condition monitoring

Benefits of oil condition monitoring

Our products help companies optimise equipment productivity and reduce operating costs, thereby remaining competitive.

Quickly realise the benefits

Quickly realise the benefits

The Mobile Oil Tester Kit enables you to quickly realise the benefits of the Oil Quality Sensor – an immediate view of the oil quality sample.

How our sensors work

How our sensors work

Using sophisticated technology to accurately monitor the precise quality of any oil in real time for any wear & contamination.

7 month pay back

7 month pay back

Our oil sensors improved reliability and maintenance scheduling and control across a fleet of large diesel electric locomotives.

Tan delta systems

Tan Delta Systems Limited provides products and systems which enable equipment operators to significantly reduce operating costs whilst simultaneously increasing productivity. The result is improved operating productivity and cash flow.

We understand how important optimal oil management is to the efficient operation of most equipment; and therefore the profitability of your business. Tan Delta oil condition monitoring uses advanced, patent protected, technology to tell you the exact condition of any oil to a high degree of accuracy in real time. This reliable and accurate information enables automatic notification and scheduling of optimal maintenance intervals based upon actual need. At the same time our system provides a highly effective and reliable early warning system for any unexpected issues which may lead to premature and or unexpected equipment wear and or failure.

Our solutions work with any oil type and are easy to fit to any equipment operating in any environment. Tan Delta oil quality monitoring is the choice of equipment operators around the world.

Tan delta systems

Tan Delta Systems Limited fournit des produits et systèmes qui permettent aux opérateurs de matériel de réduire sensiblement les coûts d'exploitation tout en augmentant la productivité. Le résultat est amélioré d'exploitation productivité et flux de trésorerie.

Nous comprenons l'importance huile optimal management est pour le bon fonctionnement de la plupart des appareils ; et donc la rentabilité de votre entreprise. Condition d'huile Tan Delta surveillance des utilisations avancées, brevets protégés, la technologie pour vous dire l'état exact de n'importe quelle huile à un degré élevé de précision en temps réel. Ces informations fiables et précises permettent la notification automatique et la programmation des intervalles d'entretien optimale basées sur les besoins réels. En même temps notre système fournit un système d'alerte rapide très efficace et fiable des problèmes inattendus qui peuvent conduire à une usure prématurée et ou imprévu équipement et ou l'échec.

Nos solutions fonctionnent avec n'importe quel type d'huile et sont faciles à s'adapter à n'importe quel matériel fonctionnant dans n'importe quel environnement. Surveillance de la qualité de la huile Tan Delta est le choix des conducteurs d'équipement dans le monde entier.

Tan delta systems

Tan Delta Systems Limited ofrece productos y sistemas que permiten a los operadores de equipos para reducir significativamente los costos de operación, mientras que simultáneamente aumenta la productividad. El resultado es una mejora de la productividad de operación y flujo de caja.

Entendemos lo importante que es la gestión óptima de aceite es para el buen funcionamiento de la mayoría de los equipos; y por lo tanto la rentabilidad de su negocio. Tan Delta condición del aceite de monitoreo utiliza una avanzada, protegidos por patentes, la tecnología que le diga la condición exacta de cualquier aceite con un alto grado de precisión en tiempo real. Esta información confiable y precisa permite la notificación automática y la programación de los intervalos de mantenimiento óptimas basadas en necesidades reales. Al mismo tiempo, nuestro sistema proporciona un sistema de alerta temprana altamente eficaz y fiable para cualquier problema inesperado que puede conducir a un desgaste prematuro y equipos o inesperado y o el fracaso.

Nuestras soluciones funcionan con cualquier tipo de aceite y son fáciles de adaptarse a cualquier equipo que funciona en cualquier entorno. Monitoreo de la calidad del aceite de Tan Delta es la elección de los operadores de equipos de todo el mundo

Tan delta systems

Tan Delta Systems Limited oferece produtos e sistemas que permitem que os operadores de equipamentos para reduzir significativamente os custos operacionais, enquanto simultaneamente aumentar a produtividade. O resultado é maior produtividade operacional e fluxo de caixa.

Nós entendemos o quão importante é a gestão de óleo ideal para o funcionamento eficiente da maioria dos equipamentos; e, portanto, a rentabilidade do seu negócio. Delta Tan monitoramento do estado do óleo usa avançado, protegido por patente, a tecnologia para dizer-lhe a condição exata de qualquer óleo a um alto grau de precisão em tempo real. Esta informação confiável e precisa permite notificação automática e programação de intervalos ideais de manutenção com base em necessidades reais. Ao mesmo tempo, o nosso sistema fornece um sistema de alerta precoce altamente eficaz e confiável para quaisquer problemas inesperados que podem levar a desgaste prematuro e equipamentos ou inesperado e ou fracasso.

Nossas soluções de trabalhar com qualquer tipo de óleo e são fáceis de ajustar a qualquer equipamento que opera em qualquer ambiente. Delta Tan monitoramento da qualidade do óleo é a escolha dos operadores de equipamentos de todo o mundo.

Tan delta systems


Tan delta systems

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Tan delta systems


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